Classroom News

Kindergarten Ms. Breder

Our Class Loves to Read

Encouraging reading is one of the most important things we can do to help your child succeed.  It can be tough finding the right books to keep them interested, which is why we are so excited that our class will be participating in Scholastic Reading Club this school year.  You will find monthly flyers in your child's folder.  You can place an order online or send your order form and payment to school.

Our classroom library is filled with books, comfortable seating, stuffed animals, and incentives to help instill the love of reading in our young learners.

Your child will be given a Bag of Books each week.  This is a book from our class library that your child has chosen independently.  Maybe they loved the pictures! Maybe they loved the size!  I'm just excited, that my students are excited to begin their journey of falling in love with books and reading.  Enjoy reading the book with your child and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Please return your child's book of choice back to our class library; therefore allowing them to choose a new book of their choice weekly.

"Reading Is Dreaming With Your Eyes Open"

Our Class Scholastic Code: PBGXB