Computers & Spanish

Mrs. Peterson

Lessons for March 30-April 3
Grades 3-5
Activity-Dance Party
(Do the Warm Up & Watch the Tutorial. Please complete all levels to 10. Email me when you are completed)

Grade 2 -
Activity - Flappy Bird
(Watch the Tutorial and read the directions and hints.  Try to complete level 10.  Email me when you are completed)

Grade K & 1 -
 Fuzz Bugs Counting, 
Sorting & Comparing
(Click your grade, then the color Blue for Number activities.
How many levels can you complete? Email me with your completed level.)

Mrs. DeLucia's 4th Grade Science
Please see Ms. Lewis's page for Science Assignment

Hola!  Bienvenidos!  Me llamo Mrs. Peterson.
I am very excited to be teaching you Spanish. It is very important to learn a second language in
our world today.  Together we will journey into the Spanish language and culture. Students will acquire the Spanish language and culture through conversations, songs, dances games, videos, writing and computer programs.

The computer lab will help kindergarten students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills.  Grades 1-3 will develop skills in typing and word processing.  Students will learn to change font size, color and print documents.  Students will also explore their creativity with art and Spanish programs in the computer lab.  Third to fifth grades will utilize the internet to research topics using typing and word processing skills.  Digital Citizenship is strongly addressed.  You can find helpful keyboarding sites under "Helpful Resources."