All Call Going Out 4/7/20 
Dear Parents/Guardians:

There is an all call going out tonight, 4/7/20.  Here is what the message contains:

Once again I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and practicing social distancing

As our virtual learning environment continues please make sure you remember that students are responsible for checking in each day and all work will be graded and is due daily and in some cases by the end of each week.  This is imperative, and lack of attendance and work production could result in poor grades, which could also result in retention. A letter regarding virtual learning was emailed to parents on Monday, and a copy of it can be found on the principal’s page of the elementary school website.  Please check out the South Amboy Elementary School webpage and Facebook page for any news, videos and updates.  

Have a great evening! Sincerely,
Sean Dunphy
Principal ~ SAES

Posted by sdunphy On 07 April, 2020 at 1:25 PM