Meal Distribution Information From Mr. Frascella 
Dear Parents/Guardians:

As mentioned in the return to school letter, students returning to school will have grab and go lunches available to them as they leave the building for the day.  They can/will receive multiple meals on the days they are in.  Meals will be provided from Monday - Thursday for in-school students to pick up at the end of the day.  The letter also states that virtual-only students will be able to pick up their meals on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 (at the MHS).  Please note that while virtual only students must pick up at this time, this pick up is not limited to virtual-only students. Parents of in school students can pick up at that time as well.
In addition to this information please note that as we transition back to schools, students who have not yet returned to school will still have the Tuesday/Thursday 12-2pm pick up time at the MHS available to them.  This will continue on 10/27, 10/29, 11/3, and 11/5.  November 5th will be the last day the 12-2 pickup will be available, as all children will be returning to school the following week.  Please remember that these meals are currently free to all students in the South Amboy School district regardless of whether you have been a free, reduced, or paid student in the past.  Please take advantage.
Thank you

Peter Frascella
Business Administrator/Board Secretary
South Amboy Public Schools
Posted by sdunphy On 21 October, 2020 at 3:23 PM