Dear Parents/Guardians:

There is an all call going out to grades PK-3:

If your student in grades PK-3 had borrowed a chromebook at any point during the year we need to have it returned along with the charger as soon as possible.

There is an email goign out to grades 4/5 tomorrow June 16:

Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in Grades Four and Five,

This past year your students were allowed to bring school issued chromebooks home throughout the year due as a part of our one to one technology initiative coordinated with the City of South Amboy.  The students are allowed to keep the chromebooks and chargers over the summer, so that they may use them next year when they return to school. 

As a reminder each student is responsible for their assigned device and charger.  If a charger is lost or broken there is a charge of $40 and if a chromebook is lost or broken the responsibility is $275. (Sample chromebook agreement that you signed is attached)  We have issued protective sleeves for the chromebooks and the students should use these sleeves at all times in order to protect their devices from being damaged.

If a student leaves and/or un-enrolls from the district during the summer, your records will not be released until the chromebook and charger have been returned.

Thank you,

Sean Dunphy

Principal ~ SAES

Posted by sdunphy On 15 June, 2022 at 10:39 AM