All Call Going Out 9/6 
Dear Parents/Guardians:

There are 2 all calls going out tonight (one for PK and one for everyone else) as well as an email.  It is a welcome back all call, the information is below:

This is for grades K-5:

We begin our year tomorrow, Thursday, September 7.  Our John St door will open for breakfast at 8:10, all other students will be allowed to enter at 8:30.  Please keep in mind that arrival and pick up can be very busy, please just drop off your students and then pull away to allow for others to drop off.  Please check your email regarding dropoff and arrival doors.

This is for PK:

We begin our year tomorrow, Thursday, September 7.  We ask all our PK students to come in at 9am with their parents. Ms. Hardy, Ms. Oks and Ms. Depreta will use the George St entrance, doors 12 and 13.  Ms. Frank and Ms. Sosa will use door 16 on John St by the donation bins.  You will stay for about an hour, then leave with your child.  Friday will be their first full day of school.
Please see below for the Arrival/Dismissal Plan for each grade level:

Arrival / Dismissal Plan

Grades will utilize the following entrances:

  • Grade 1 and 3: John St Main Entrance  DOOR #1 (Grade 3 will dismiss at Door 16)

  • Grade 2: George St Entrance (nearest second grade) DOOR #14 and #15 

  • Grade 4, Mr. Parks’ and Ms. Durant’s class: Hoffman entrance (closest to the cafeteria) DOOR # 5 

  • Grade 5: Hoffman Entrance (closest to the Field) DOOR # 6 


Classes are identified by the Teacher’s name 

  • Morelli and Cannon DOOR #13 will enter/exit through George St doors on blacktop 

  • Kosakowski, Hibell and Quigley and Loizos will enter/exit through George St doors nearest the field DOOR # 11 

  • Ms. Oks, Ms. Depreta and Ms. Hardy will enter at George St entrance on blacktop DOOR # 12

  • Ms. Sosa’s and Ms. Frank’s classes will enter through the John St PK doors, DOOR # 16. (door closest to Broadway)

Thank you,
Sean Dunphy
Posted by sdunphy On 06 September, 2023 at 11:34 AM