New Student Registration

South Amboy Public School Registration 


The documents listed below should be uploaded to the Genesis Registration Portal when completing an online registration. If you are unable to upload the documents you must bring the documents with you to your initial registration appointment. If the documents are not all presented at the time of registration you will have to reschedule your appointment.

Medical Documentation

Medical Forms if applicable

Academic Documentation

  • uncheckedTransfer Card from previous school  (not applicable for Kindergarten or Pre K)  
  • uncheckedSpecial Services Form (If Applicable for students who have an IEP or 504 plan)
  • uncheckedLast Report Card (not applicable for Kindergarten or Pre K)  
  • uncheckedState testing scores from previous school years, as well as current year (not applicable for Pre K through 3rd grade)  
  • uncheckedRequest for Records Form (General Education)

The following items must be brought with you to your scheduled appointment following your online registration:

  • uncheckedParent/Guardian’s Photo identification (Driver’s License or State Issued ID)  
  • uncheckedChild’s Certified and Original Birth Certificate, Passport or Other Official Document Indicating Age  
  • uncheckedCustody Documentation (if parents are divorced or separated)
  • uncheckedHead Start Screening Form (Only for preschool registration)

Documents for Proof of Residency (documents must show name, date, and address) as follows: 

ONE current item from the list below: 

  • uncheckedCertificate of Occupancy 
  • uncheckedDeed 
  • uncheckedCurrent Mortgage Statement 
  • uncheckedBorough Tax Bill 
  • uncheckedCurrent Lease 
  • uncheckedAffidavit of Residency (if applicable)

PLUS ANY current items from the list below: 

  • uncheckedElectric Bill 
  • uncheckedGas Bill 
  • uncheckedWater Bill 
  • uncheckedCar Registration 
  • uncheckedCar Insurance Card 
  • uncheckedCredit Card Statements 
  • uncheckedBank statements,etc. as per N.J.A.C. 6A:22:3-4

*If you are residing with another family, you must provide the above proofs of residency in your name and a notarized letter/affidavit from the South Amboy resident along with their current mortgage statement, deed or lease. The letter must list by name, all of the registrant’s family that certifies the registrants are living in their residence. *Some South Amboy mailing addresses are outside of the city limits and, as a result, you will need to register with your home school district.

After Review of  Required Documents Proceed to the Following Steps

STEP ONE: Complete an online pre-registration using the link below.  Please be sure to review the required registration documents listed above, and have them ready to be uploaded to the online registration portal. 


South Amboy Public Schools Student Registration Portal


STEP TWO: Once an online pre-registration is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from the school registrar. This email will contain the list of required registration documents and your options for submitting (email,  mail, drop off copies, or in person appointment). 


STEP THREE: Once the requested documents are collected please call the registrar to schedule your appointment. Walk-ins will be turned away and asked to schedule an appointment. Registration is not complete until all documents have been submitted, reviewed, and approved by all parties. Students will not be able to begin school until approved by the building principal.

School Contacts:

Elementary School (Grades Pre-k - 5)

AnnaMae O’Conner, Secretary (Registration contact)

732-525-2100, Ext. 2221

[email protected] 

Joyce Charmello, Secretary

732-525-2100, Ext. 2232

[email protected]

Lisa McAlonie School Nurse PK-2

732-525-2100 Ext. 2236

Kristine Van Uiter School Nurse 3-5

732-525-2100 Ext. 2226

Middle High School (Grades 6 - 12)

Gina Martinez, Guidance Secretary (Registration contact)

732-525-2100, Ext. 3227

[email protected] 

Hope Affriol, Principal Secretary 

732-525-2100, Ext. 3233

[email protected] 

Roxann DeVoe, Secretary

732-525-2100, Ext. 3221

[email protected] 

Cathy Housman, School Nurse

732-525-2100, Ext. 3225

[email protected] 

District Family Liaison 

Amy Russo

732-525-2100 ext. 2238

[email protected]