Class Info

Pre-K Schedule
8:30-8:55-Free Choice Play/Breakfast
8:55-9:15- Opening Group
9:15-9:25- Play Planning
9:25-10:00- Make Believe Play
10:00-10:30- Small Groups
10:30-11:00- Gross Motor/Outside Recess
11:00-11:10- Bathroom & Hand Washing
11:10-12:00- Lunch
12:00-12:45- Rest Time
12:45-1:20- Free Choice Play
1:20-1:45- Afternoon Snack
1:45-1:55- Bathroom & Hand Washing
1:55- 2:15- Large Group Literacy
2:15-2:30- Closing Group/Dismissal

*Every Friday or last day of the school week cot sheets will be sent home to be cleaned. Please return them at the beginning of the next school week.

*Please remember to label your child's breakfast, lunch and snack.

*Breakfast and lunch are free for Pre-K students. The breakfast and lunch calendars are located on the school's website.