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Each year, a school yearbook is published capturing class photos, activities, sports, and highlighting graduates.  The school has contracted Lifetouch Photography to take all school photos throughout the school year.  However, we use Herf Jones to assemble and print the yearbook. In addition, the school has a yearbook advisor and a committee that works together to include candid shots of students engaged in sports and other extracurricular activities capturing as many highlights and memories throughout the school year. 

While the school has scheduled various photo days and re-takes, if your child misses the opportunity to get photographed, you will have the ability to submit your own photo. This option is also available if you are not content with the school photo.

Photo Submissions:
All photo submissions must conform to the following specifications:
  • Regular individual portraits - 300 dpi in JPG or PNG format
  • 8th grade photos - 300 dpi in JPG or PNG format with Gown holding grad cap on their chest.*
    12th grade photos - 300 dpi in JPG or PNG format, any pose with tux or black gown drape.*
  • Photos must conform with the pose and/or colors (caps & gowns) selected by the Yearbook Advisor/Committee.  Please email the advisor to get the necessary information.
  • Color photos only
  • Plain/neutral backgrounds
  • Full face view, facing forward
  • Clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines
  • No creative filters or photographic treatments
  • Photos must not have any watermark/stamp or hidden image, including any from a company or photographer
  • No weapons or hand signs of any kind
  • Any inappropriate photos or photos not complying with the specifications outlined, herein, will be rejected.

Yearbook Advisors:
Elementary School - Kimberly Gundrum, [email protected]
Middle High School - Andrew Heady, [email protected]
*Advisors will provide information regarding the pose and wardrobe.

School Codes (Needed for uploading photos):
Elementary School SAEL21 
Middle/High School is SAHS21

Upload Site: (how-to guide)

How to Video: