Fun Run/Glow Run

Fun Run/Glow Run
Posted on 06/01/2018

We are off to a great start in our Boosterthon Glow Run fundraising effort.  We have raised almost $5,000 towards our $25,000 goal for our new playground.  If we can just have each student get a total of $50 worth of pledges we surpass our goal!  Keep up the great work!

For the “Weekend Challenge,” any student who gets pledges for a total of $2 per lap or $60 flat donation in NEW pledges over the weekend will receive a Bonus Prize - the Javelin Challenge Kit - on Monday. Parents and students get super excited to rise to the challenge! This is your chance to earn bonus prize in addition to your normal prizes! Remember to put all those pledges on! Have fun today!

Have a great weekend!


Sean Dunphy