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Pushed Pin.png    In the event of a government multi-day school closure, please see the
"digital documents" tab on the left to access your child's homework packet!  These packets
  are to reinforce skills learned while in school. They are not mandatory and
you will not be required to hand them in until we return to school as per the district and the 
Department of Health. 

     Pushed Pin.png  If you are unable to print, a hard copy of each packet will be available in the main office and can be picked up by calling and scheduling an appointment. 

Pushed Pin.png  Students will be required to sign in daily (for attendance purposes) using Google Forms. More information will be provided from the District when available. Aside from signing in every day, there are no additional time requirements needed to complete the packet. Please use the lesson plans attached as a guide for every day although your child may complete activities at their own pace. 

     Pushed Pin.png      In addition to the "Digital Documents" tab, please visit the "Helpful Resources" tab on the left to access additional links to support your child's learning. 

Pushed Pin.pngYour child's teacher will be available between the hours of 9am and 1pm
Monday-Friday if you have any questions or concerns. They may be contacted via:

Mrs. Hardy [email protected]
Ms. Oks [email protected]
Ms. Sosa [email protected]
Ms. DePreta [email protected]
Ms. Sweeney [email protected]

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