Ways to Help Your Child Succeed at School

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Below is a list of ways to TRAIN THE BRAIN in order to make a difference for your child's social, emotional, and academic well being, taken from an article by Victoria Prooday (occupational therapist).


1. Limit technology, and reconnect emotionally- parental involvement is the main nutrient for a child's brain

  • surprise your child with notes in his/her backpack or lunch box
  • have family dinners
  • play board games
  • go biking
  • take walks outside together

2. Train delayed gratification-children don't need to get everything the minute they want it

  • it's ok for children to say "I'm bored."  This usually leads to creative solutions.
  • increase the time your child waits between "I want" and "I get"
  • avoid using technology in cars and restaurants-have your child converse and play games while they wait instead

3. Set limits

  • have scheduled meal times, sleep times, and technology times
  • make sure your child has breakfast and nutritious food, spends time outdoors, and goes to bed at a consistent time

4.  Give your child simple chores-this can help improve their attention span

  • allow your child to fold laundry
  • insist that s/he tidy up  toys and hang up clothes
  • let him/her set the table and make his/her own bed

5. Teach social skills

  • taking turns
  • winning/losing
  • compromising
  • complimenting
  • use "please" and "thank you"

Help us to help your child succeed by trying to implement some of these ideas at home!

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