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Pre-K Schedule

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8:30-9:00 - Arrival/Opening Group
9:00-9:15 - Breakfast
9:15-9:30 - Play Planning
9:30-10:30 - Make Believe Play
10:30-10:40 - Clean-up/Bathroom/Handwashing
10:40-11:10- Gross Motor/Outdoor Recess
11:10-11:30 - Large Group
11:30-12:45 - Lunch/Nap
12:45-1:15 - Free Choice/Bathroom
1:15-1:35 - Small Groups
1:35-1:55 - Outdoor Time
1:55-2:10 - Math/Science Eyes/RTI
2:10-2:30 - Closing Group - Second Steps and Dismissal

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See the source imageEvery Friday or on the last day of the school week the cot sheets will be sent home to be cleaned. Please return them at the beginning of the next school week.

See the source imagePlease remember to label your child's breakfast, lunch and snack.

See the source imageBreakfast and lunch are free for Pre-K students. The breakfast and lunch calendars are located on the school's website.