NJSLA Information and Helpful Links

Some facts about NJSLA:

NJSLA stands for New Jersey Standards for Learning Assessment

It is an online assessment that requires not only reading stamina and higher level thinking skills, but also technological knowledge including drop and drag, highlighting, and complex multi-step problems

It supports the NJ Learning Standards for ELA/Literacy in five areas: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Academic Language

The goal of NJSLA is to assess whether students are college and career ready

The good news is there is more online information, samples, test questions, lesson plans, and resources available than ever before. Below we have listed some of the most user-friendly versions.

NJSLA Information

Take a practice test

See what's different about the NJSLA test

Look at a glossary of NJSLA assessment terms

NJ State Information
Standards by grade level

PTA information
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